Metaphor magazine publishes original pieces from authors of different backgrounds. Poems from different parts of the world define literature beyond literature. In this poetry magazine, we seek to bring out the fresh voices echoing lost in the wilderness.

In this issue, we showcase poems that not only delight the senses but also leaves an imprint to one's soul.


Featuring works by Simon Anton Nino Diego Baena, Christy Bharath, A. J. Binash, Cassandra Dallett, Adonis Enricuso, Jason Constantine Ford, Dah Helmer, John De Herrera, Gary Hewitt, Mark Hummel, Peggy Insula, Steve Klepetar, N. M. Leepsa, Sarah Lilius, JP Lorence, Mark A. Murphy, BZ Niditch, Karlo Jose R. Pineda, Samuel Mack-Poole, Hisham M. Nazer, Ngoc Nguyen, Nalini Priyadarshni, Haimanti Dutta Ray, Sunil Sharma, Ndaba Sibanda, Krystal Sierra, Emeniano Acain Somoza, Jr., Emily Strauss, Paul M. Strohm, Sushant Supriye, Bernard Tuwond, Robert Walicki, S. Wallace, Ginna Wilkerson, Dana Wright and Alyssa Yankwitt.

Metaphor is a quarterly magazine of modern and contemporary poetry. We seek to promote work from emerging and established poets. We are literature beyond literature.

Featuring works by Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi, Jessica Wiseman Lawrence, Rita Anderson, Waltman Whiter, Amit Shekhar, Roda Daignre, Alisa Velaj, Nick Romeo, Beth Konkonski, Vinay Kuchhal, Dave Rullo, Michael Enevoldsen, Mike Biegner, Lynn White, Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, Robert A. Kaufman, Robert Knox, John Grey, Mark Antony Rossi, Clinton Van Inman, Richard King Perkins II, Karen Mary Berr, Octavia McBride, Felino A. Soriano, and Kalen Rowe

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